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If you're like me and you do your leisurely reading with a mug of coffee in hand, you'll be happy to read about why coffee is good for you. As if I needed any more justification for my early morning cuppa...

This week I plan to clean out my closet, following Garance's "Commandments of Style." My closet houses at least a few items that I bought on a whim and will never wear again. It takes a few mistakes to know what works for you, but now I've learned my lesson: no matter how cute that yellow number looks on the mannequin, it shouldn't come home with me.

I've discovered a treasure trove of cuteness at the Seattle-based online store Mochi Things. I played the "let's fill an imaginary shopping cart with things I want!" game and emptied said cart at around $235.46 because things were getting out of control! Not that most things on there are very expensive.... there was just that much stuff I wanted. I exercised some self-restraint and now there's just one thing I need would rather not live without to get my cuteness fix. To be continued...

If you don't know what a "promposal" is, you need to read this article, and watch the accompanying YouTube videos. If I had been promposed to back in the day, I would have been 1) mortified and 2) the worst prom-zilla ever, because I was the girl whose mom found her gown the day before prom for $30. (And prom was still amazing!)

Also loving... George's writing, Sarah's channel, and Sonia's photography. Go check out these creative people!

PS: I found my Kindle. I'm currently on the hunt for a nonfiction book to read... suggestions please!


  1. Have you tried John Green they are amazing books! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. I know what you mean about things looking good on the mannequin and other people but just doesn't suit me at all.

    Where did you get your phone case from? Its so cute.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  3. Omg your blog is amazing<3I HAVE to follow you!!!
    If you check my blog I'd be super happy♥
    Instagram @aimerose

  4. lovely blog.

  5. Oh! You are the best! I just popped by to see what you were up to and found your link to me. Big interweb hugs from me to you pretty lady ;)

    Also love your web round-up. I'm off to check out the "Commandments of Style"...

  6. Ooh Mochi Things has so many cute items! haha I can see why your cart was high!

  7. Ah thank you so much for mentioning me Ellie! So lovely of you! :)

  8. I am obsessed with MochiThings! And I love your iphone case! It is adorable!

    TesoriBelle on Bloglovin


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